Vulture Field Cleaning Kit

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Vulture Field Cleaning Kit

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Vulture Field Cleaning Kit

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The guys sat down with Will and started talking as to how we carry our cleaning items in our bag and what factors are really important.  This is what we found... Most of us have had a bottle leak on us in our bags, so that is why we did the resealable mylar bag.  Next most of us only shoot 2 platforms so a little space to put a bore snake was critical, hence the extra room in the bag.  Finally we all agreed that if you need more than oil, cleaner and a washable rag we should probably be doing the repairs at home.  We also included a couple black specialty cotton swabs for application purposes in their own bag.

Kit Contents:

  • Resealable Mylar Bag
  • 2oz. Liquid Freakiness Non Toxic Synthetic Extreme Rated Oil
  • 4oz. Liquid Chimera Synthetic NON Carcinogenic Cleaner & Degreaser
  • 1 - Red Microfiber Towel (washable)
  • 1 - Firearms Scrubbing Brush
  • 10 - Black Cotton Swabs
  • Vulture Sticker, Promo Card, LF Sticker


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