About The Company

Vulture Equipment Works is an American equipment manufacturer who designs and manufactures some of the finest professional grade outdoor accessories, knives, non-toxic oil and custom firearms.  Founded by William Egbert Jr. who's passion lies in using only the best quality raw goods and developing field proven gear that can stand the test of time.  Unlike most, we choose to do all of the R&D, design and prototyping in-house at our headquarters.  This gives Vulture complete control over the design process ensuring a true linear organic flow.  This also maintains our vision in the products integrity and the compatibility with the rest of the product line.  Plus we have a really tough mascot.


Design Inspiration

Some years ago Will helped design, implement and direct one of the nation's only private force-on-force training facilities.  During which time he was in charge of the day to day operations of this multi faceted facility, designing state and federally certified training curriculums as well as overseeing the creation of a multi-jurisdictional SWAT team.  These years posed to form his expertise of product design and team equipment modifications. Will also oversaw and worked the company's on going military contracting division which held contracts in Central America & West Africa.

In late 2006 this company was merged with another international contracting firm where Will served as Deputy Director and Chief Instructor for several more years before separating from the parent company.

He always had an obsession for highly specialized equipment, so with his tactical background and a bunch of American ingenuity the Vulture Straps were born.


So Why The Vulture?

In a previous life in a hot, humid place far, far away,  Will decided to take a nap under the tree line on a beach.  Little did I realize I was being surrounded by a brood of really big birds while he slept.  He awoke to a nibble on his shoe only to greeted by a mass of big black vultures looking for their next meal.  Jumping to his feet he was heard yelling "Not Dead - Not Dead!" Many years later, when looking for a truly unique company identity remembered that beach nap and how it summed up that time in his life and thus the Vulture was born!


Made In U.S.A.... Who Cares?

We Do.  Our build philosophy is simple, "Build It Right & Build It American."  Vulture Equipment Works is dedicated to protecting the American worker and our domestic economy.  Plus we feel that using countless gallons of fossil fuels to get products from over-seas to our shores is just plain wrong.  We are proud to be doing our part to protect the economy and the work force that make this country great.