Who Is Vulture Equipment Works?

Founded in 2012 as a premium knife and outdoor adventure accessory company dedicated to the Made In The USA push.  Bringing quality back to our customers and manufacturing is key to the next generation.  While some may think we are a "Camera Strap Company" one only needs to look at some of the other product lines, like our knives.  During this time we have made a name for ourselves as manufacturers of Expedition Grade Accessories. We are an aggressive young company set out to provide our customers top quality items that will stand the test of time for generations.


What Is Vulture's Government Contract Information?

NAICS #332215  -  DUNS #079374049  -  CAGE Code 75K94


What Makes Your Knives Special?

First of all they are Made In The USA, second they come with a great pedigree - William's own field use and refinements.  The production grade knives (Cholera & Talon) both feature 154CM or S35VN stainless steels and are full tang, heat treated to steel mill specifications for strength and double cryo soaked for tempering.  Then we use only top quality handle material like linen micarta and finshed with bolts rather than pins.  The entire knife's design was worked and reworked for the general purpose stated in the blades description but it is safe to say that over the last 25+ years William has taken great care to make a design that will perform many tasks instead of a single focus of say hackin' zombies.  These knives have been reviewed by countless media outlets with rave reviews.  The Cholera had even landed over 4 awards in it's debut year from people like Gear Junkie, Men's Journal and is even the proud recipient of the ONLY 100 Out Of 100 in history from Gear Institute!  In lay terms that means we scored better than the big boys like Benchmade, Gerber, Kershaw, Boker, ESEE and the others, so if your on the fence about a knife just do a little poking around and you'll see.


Why Are The Straps So Expensive?

Don't feel bad we get this question a lot so let's get it out of the way.  Our straps are made here in the USA and that puts one type of premium on the product line.  The other components that we have sourced are only the finest US Military Spec. materials and components.  Our webbing is not seat belt webbing purchased from another country, it is real aviation grade material with load testing and certificates.  Additionally the strap is also painstakingly sewn on what is referred to as hidden edges or parachute standard, where all the hard cut ends are folded back inside the assembly making the design very difficult to manufacture.  

Beyond all that we choose top of the line thread that is 2X over current Mil-Spec. as well as counting stitches per inch to maximize the durability. Lastly remember, what you are looking at is nothing short of a REAL piece of military special operations gear just adapted for your camera. During prototype and design we needed to make sure that our gear didn't fail so that at no time would a piece of gear go out the back of cargo plane endangering the mission or even end the life of another person.

The Carabiners on our straps are REAL mountaineering grade carabiners and not a piece of fashionable pot metal junk. The Lower Riser attachment points feature REAL 1/2'' tubular webbing for strength and durability.  The hardware is machined aluminum not plastic and also has weight ratings.  Our plastic slides have been selected from a composite material not just plain plastic.  So all that being said those items come with a premium.

Remember you are purchasing a product designed to be a Mission Critical piece of gear to care for equipment that costs hunderds of thousands of dollars in value or personnel.  We understand that our products might not be for everyone... So Don't Hate Us For It.


How Heavy Is The Strap?

The strap does look a bit bulky but don’t let it’s appearance be intimidating, it is really a gentle giant.  If you were to compare it to other premium camera straps on the market our A2 version is only a couple ounces heavier.  The A4 is a only 1 ounce heavier than the A2 due to the added aluminum in the quick release.  Either version is still barely noticable against the current line up of camera straps and not to mention really adaptable.

We thought to ourselves what should we be concerned with, the couple of ounces of additional weight or the couple of thousand dollars of electronics and glass around our neck?


How Much Weight Can I Put On The System?

Short answer... More than you will want around your neck for fear of injury!  Our straps went through a very comprehensive load testing to make sure that our product would not fail.  Many of our customers, including ourselves, needed to be able to use this system on very expensive movie rigs and/or in very dangerous situations.  We have had over 250 lbs. suspended on our rigs in its stock configuration with no failures time and time again.  While we are not marketing our product as a "safety device" it is made from materials that support thousands of pounds!


What Is The Difference Between The A2 & A4 Again?

Both straps function with the same capabilities for rigging and attachment to cameras and gear.  Both units have the same type of AustriAlpin adjuster buckle capability that makes our product so durable.  However the A4 has an added feature, the machined aluminum quick release and corresponding safety wire loop and tag.  This quick release allows the user an added level of safety when put in those life threatening or dangerous conditions.


What Else Can I Attach My Strap Too?

One of the great things about our product is that is has so many uses.  We have attached the Lower Risers to things like tripods, dslr cages, sliders, jibs, rafters, chainsaws, extraction equipment, aligators and just about everything you can think of even our briefcases!

Yet another use is how the system is cross platform compatible. There has been some great other uses like placing a set of lowers on their bicycle for commuting, mounting a set to a bow for transport and carry while hiking, neck lanyards for trade show badges (our favorite) even premium backstage passes.  It really is also very much a lifestyle item.


Will I Need Additional Lower Risers?

Your strap already comes with 2 Lower Risers for attaching to one camera body with dual mounts.  However if you would like to add additional Lower Risers to any other gear like other camera bodies or tripods you can get another pair right here. 


Why Don't Your Straps Come With Pads?

Our straps are made from a very soft and supple nylon that is used in the parachute industry.  Its ability to conform to the body’s shape is the sole reason for sourcing such an expensive raw material.  This allows the strap to “melt” to the users body shape dispersing the weight of your equipment over your entire mass, not just your shoulder.

If you are still in need of a pad the user is able to source a slip on or velcro pad from any well stocked luggage or container store.  With all the different materials and build styles of neck pads we thought it best to allow the user to try our way first then if a pad is still needed they are able to source the unit that best fits their use or desire.  


How Do I Know If My Strap Is At The Right Length?

Without sounding silly... when it feels comfortable to you!  Some people like their camera to hang a bit lower than their waist line yet others like it just a hair above their belt.  Either way there is not right or wrong way just what ever is going to get the job done!


Do I Have To Use My Strap On Just The Left Side?

No.  Our system is completely ambidextrous if you don’t want the buckle on the front of your body simply disconnect the carabiners and turn the upper portion of the strap around.  If you would like the camera on your right side just sling it over the other shoulder and rig your camera accordingly.


What Do I Do If My Strap Gets Dirty?

You are able to launder by hand with very light detergent that is used for delicates.  Simply remove your carabiners, remove your safety loop (found on the A4), put in a laundry tub and wash for a short while in cool water.  DO NOT put your strap in the dryer!  Place over a rack to air dry overnight.

In the case of the A4, you will need to place one drop of good lubricant inside the female side of the quick disconnect on each of the springs.  Also if you are using your strap in salt water remember that it needs to be treated like the rest of your scuba gear.  Rinse in fresh water with mild detergent (if stinky) and coat all metal hardware with a light coat of silicone lubricant or protectant imediatley.


Do You Offer A Dual Camera Rig?

At this time we do not offer a dual camera mounting strap.  But with a little rigging, a couple of carabiners and another strap you get pretty creative.  If there is a large enough demand we will offer a rock solid rig in time.


What Are Some Uses For The Woven Loops?

The Soft Woven Loops are meant to be a bit of a system Houdini.  They are able to act as a strobe or light safety loop, a secondary strap loop to the strap, a stand alone strap, camera tether, pair of boot laces or even an emergency bow string in a survival situation.

They are made from an Aerospace Composite and braided to our specs.  Testing on these units are a amazing 750 lbs. breaking strength and test to well over that.