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Gunsmithing Services

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Our Custom Shop has many different capabilities from drilling and tapping for sights,full bobtail alterations on 1911s or custom AR-15 builds.

Please Ship Your Items For Repair / Alterations To:

Vulture Equipment Works Inc. - 650 Willowbrook Center Parkway, Unit 205 - Willowbrook - IL - 60527 - 630-804-9600

Make sure you ship your items with a INSURED carrier like FEDEX or UPS (the USPS does not like parts like these). Please also include a copy of your paid invoice for work and include any notes we should be aware of.  Each order is also encouraged to call the office and discuss your project prior to making your payment.  Also make sure to call the office and let us know when we should expect your item

We are not responsible for any lost or stolen shipments.

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