80% 100% Serial Number Engraving


80% 100% Serial Number Engraving

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* Condition 80% lowers will only be sent back to your residence. Please make sure your shipping information is your residence and is correct.

* Condition 100% lowers that are to be engraved must be shipped by its OWNER ONLY and will only be shipped to the same person at the proper address.

* We will NOT engrave Plastic AR Lowers as they melt and do not meet California State Law.

* Every shipment must include a copy of the paid invoice with the lower in order to complete the engraving! When sending multiple items please make sure that each item has it's information attached to the part.

Vulture is a Type 07 Manufacturer and has it's own laser on site.  This service is for serial number engraving metal AR-15 lowers and Polymer 80 frames to meet the requirement of the new California Assembly Bill 857.  By law every you can send us either a 80% lower or finished "100%" lower receiver for engraving. We are a registered manufacturer & FFL and can legally offer this service.  As of July 2018, all 80% lowers in California must have a serial number engraved or the possessor will be violation of California law.

We do not report serial numbers or any other customer information to the government. By engraving a serial number, you are NOT registering your firearm.

This engraving is the same we use to manufacturer our firearms and is set to a depth greater than 0.003 inches as required by ATF's specification for serial number marking and California law. Also to meet ATF serialization requirements you must have the following...

  1. Serial Number: Enter your desired serial number in this box. We recommend using 10 characters or less of text. You can use letters, numbers, or combination of both. The ATF requires serial numbers to be unique for each firearm you serialize. SN: Will be engraved before each serial number.  

  2. Manufacturer’s name: Enter the name of the person who will be/did complete the lower. Maximum of 30 characters of text including spaces. We may have to split this on two lines of text.

  3. Manufacturer’s city and state: Enter city and state of residence for the person who will be/did complete the lower. Us only the standard 2 letter state abbreviation. Maximum 30 characters of text including spaces and commas. We may have to split this into two lines of text.


  5. Caliber: We will mark your receiver with “Cal: Multi” (Not Required On Pistols)

Directions:   1) Select the proper item from the drop down above.  2) Make sure that your Receiver Information Form is filled out correctly and matches your shipping address.  3) Please make sure to include a copy of your receipt for your engraving order in the box with your receiver - if you are sending in multiple receivers please attach individual serial numbers to each. We also RECOMMEND you strip your lower of all parts except bolt catch as we accept NO RESPONSIBILITY for working lowers.  4) You need to include a shipping charge with your order at checkout. This charge covers our cost to ship the lower receiver back to you. DO NOT USE FREE SHIPPING!

Mail Your Receiver To:

Vulture Equipment Works / 650 Willowbrook Center Parkway / Unit 205 / Willowbrook, IL 60527 / Attn Engraving


All lowers must be 100% stripped of any parts in order to engrave.  There are no exceptions to this rule other than for the bolt catch.  

You are responsible to ensure that what you request that we engrave complies with your local, state and federal laws for the purposes for which you are engraving it.  

Lead time: Turnaround time is currently less than 1 week.

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