AK-47 Reliability & Enhancement

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AK-47 Reliability & Enhancement

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Make Your AK-47/74 Run Smooth & Enhance Reliability!

Everyone has heard how reliable the AK-47 is... Well that may be true for the rest of the world but not always the case here in the US.  Often times the higher end rifles are not that far off the budget offerings and that was just not going to cut it for Will and his buddies.  This is the same package of options Will has personally done to the AKs in inventory of his contracting firm.

Now you can get the same custom attention on your AK, as little or as much as you would like.  If you choose the full package, there is a discounted price for single color cerakote that is done in house.

Don't have an AK?  No problem we offer a complete out of the box new package as well.  Simply call the office and we will set up a package for you.  All you will need to do is arrange transfer to your local FFL, check out with your item package and your all set, you will have a brand new customized AK that will make all your friends drool!

Reliability & Enhancement Options:

  • Magwell Rework (removes all sharp edges, smoothing, truing the feed box & mag hook truing)
  • Magazine Release Rework (by reshaping the mag release we increase reliability & function)
  • Ramp & ReThroat (bottom plate bevel, feed ramp radius, polish & true for feeding)
  • Rail True (realign the receiver & receiver rails, mating receiver & carrier, true and polish the rails)
  • Bolt & Extractor Rework (reshape carrier to bolt, smoothing angles, polishing & extractor shape & polish)
  • Trigger Rework (reshape of the trigger thickness, rounding, polishing, truing sear engagement)
  • Full Package (includes all of above including single color cerakote application)

Lead Time Is Usually 2 Weeks

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