Colonial Marines Cholera Mk3

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Colonial Marines Cholera Mk3

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FREE Trial Bottle of Liquid Freakiness Included!


United States Colonial Marines Cholera Mk3 - Limited Edition 2 Units

Want the piece of gear that ''Hicks" & "Ripley" never got?

When the chips are down and Bill Paxton is yelling "Game Over Man" is when you pull your USCM Cholera Mk3 and show it off to all your Aliens buds. Our Limited Edition USCM knife is the one piece of gear that should have been issued to the Colonial Marines for the their trip to the colony on LV-426.

This knife features...

  • Black Cerakote Finish
  • Laser Engraving Of The USMC Logo On The Right Side
  • Laser Engraving Of The Sulaco Drop Ship Flight Patch On The Left Side
  • Hand Made OD Kydex Sheath
  • Matching Bead Lanyard
  • Limited Edition Certificate
  • Patch, Sticker & Sample Of Liquid Freakiness


  • Cholera Mk3 Profile
  • CPM154 Stainless Steel
  • 60HRC Hardness
  • 3/16" Thick Full Tang Construction
  • OD Canvas Micarta Handles
  • OD Kydex Sheath
  • Patch, Sticker, Liquid Freakiness Sample & Certificate

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