This is how each knife starts, pencil and paper - Not CAD

This is how each knife starts, pencil and paper - Not CAD

We would like to share with you how we get something new on the bench. Many makers tend to relay heavily on CAD programs to start their design process.  Will relies on pencil and paper instead. While the final designs are translated to a digital format for machining he prefers the initial approach to be akin to Leonardo.  From there he will make several changes, alterations and variants before moving on to physical prototype.

The prototype stage has many steps but is summed up like this. First you have to hold the piece in your hand to make critical changes in angles and positions. Then when you move back to the paper the design continues to evolve again. After which a final (or near final) prototype is cut and shipped and put through mock testing to verify geometry or on this project the ability to perform numerous slashing, hooking and gutting maneuvers all while maintaining the perfect body weld for instinctual use.

This new project has Will going back to his contracting and training days. Days which had him black and blue from neck to ankle while studying Sayoc Kali. The decision to study Chris Sayoc's method was from a need to blend tactics that could be boiled down and made into a hit list for a teir-one team and ultimately used for various tactical teams who needed a short and sweet list of maneuvers.

Will is really excited about this new design which promises to be another great multi-use tool for both the explorer and the operator.