May was a really busy time for the crew.  We were jammin' almost 14 hours a day getting ready for Blade Show 2016.  While we had been moving towards a Mk2 program on the Cholera and Talon fixed blades there was still a ton to get done, like build the company trade show booth!


This year we moved from the table section of the show to a proper booth.  The girls at Blade Show really did a great job getting us a tremendous location for our first booth show.  The location was perfect, we were in the middle of the section on a corner right next to Medford Knife and Tool and across the isles from Kirinite and MicroTech Knives. 

Building the booth was no easy task as I had envisioned a look that was inspired by a WW2 machine gunner's nest.  We sourced some great items and started the pre-build process in the shop and in the parking lot.  Everything looked good, we were able to build a great booth with expedient items and were able to make one trip in the loading dock under our own power.  Talk to anyone who does trade shows and they will tell you that there is a ton of walking from one end of an expo hall to the other.

Well as expected, the booth went up just as planned and all the worrying was for nothing.  My lead sales guy, Denis was a real trooper and took on the job of assembly with me while Mat ran back and forth making sure we had what we needed.  POW all done, in place and powered with battery packs and solar panels from Goal Zero!

The first day of the show we took on a fourth guy to help out, my long time friend Sam who flew in from Chiciagoland to give us a genuine OooRah form the Marine Corps.  That first day was filled with a ton of people checking out all the new knives and sizing up our latest release, the Drigung Axe which was a real show stopper.

The weekend was filled with seeing past customers meeting new ones who came to check us out and pick up there new Cholera Mk2.  We also had a few drinks and laughs and then more drinks and even more drinks in the lobby of the hotel.  Shame really, this year was absent of falling chickens...

Look for our booth next year in the same exact spot and a big shout out to everyone who stopped by and all the new customers who trusted their purchases with us!