I meet with a very interesting indivdual one day who questioned me regarding the use of 1095 steel in the knives. His major concern was that while the steel was a true standard and allowed for many great attributes it lacked the 'sizzle' of a truely unique blade. My response to him was "well did you see my gold version?" He laughed but quickly stopped when I presented the prototype and proclaimed "thars' gold in dem dar knives!" At that moment I knew I was on to something... This gentleman turned out to be a professional hunter who had purchased both the production grade and an investment grade versions of our Cholera Mk1 knife.

My idea for this type of knife is 2 fold. 1- Offer our customers a limited edition blade that really looks cool without getting into the fantasy world. 2- Was to create a one of a kind linage to the Cholera for the more diserning buyer without going nuts. As it turned out Titanium Nitrade coatings are just the ticket. While most manufactures have done the rainbow treatment in the past I didn't thing that this would be a suitable 'pimppy' finish and stuck with the standard gold.

So I sourced a medical/aerospace contractor who would coat the knives with a true 2-3 micron finish repeatedly (cause you know how I alway go OVERKILL). This finish will not only act as a hardener on top of the heat treat but also a corrosion barrier for the 1095. I realize that it may not be everyone cup of tea with the gold finish but for the customer who likes to be a bit different they won't worry about seeing another in the field.

Well here they are all ready for their first limited run. The knives will feature a brown leather sheath, white linen micarta handles, the standard double red liner and engraving of the serial number and logo. The lanyard cord it still up in the air...