Alright so some of you have heard that our gear was used on a few expeditions this year with awesome success but Antarctica?.  So here is what all the buzz is about… Yes that is Prince Henry of Whales in the picture with Scott Brady from Overland International.

1) Back a few months ago we decided to sponsor a young group of adventurers and overlanders from Expedition Overland on their 60 day adventure into the Yukon Territory of Alaska.  During this adventure they documented the entire gear up, personal stories and the adventure ongoing in a 12 part mini series that can be watched on their website.  After all dust and mosquitos settled they emerged from the bush with their cameras in hand and a new found respect for the gear we call Vulture!  Our gear lasted through some of the toughest environments they have been through yet and allowed them to do multiple different things like rig cameras to roof racks and hang out of aircraft.  Will you be doing the same…? Perhaps.  They were so happy with how the product faired and all the cool things that they did with the rigs they set out to make a commercial based upon their brand depending on our brand, pretty cool!  On top of all that we were awarded the coveted “X-Seal” for best camera accessory (a title only earned never purchased)!

2) A phone call went out from Vulture HQ to a group of explorers that are documenting a monumental task, drive all seven continents!  That group is calledExpeditions7 and is headed up by a group of long time international vehicle based explorers from Overland International. The Phone call went like this, “hey would you like to try some new gear?” These guys mean business and have done some amazing journeys all while documenting the adventure with film crews and renowned photographers and film makers like Bruce Dorn.  So you can imagine the skepticism on the other end of the phone but with a little picking from the big bird himself they said “let’s take a look.”  Well the rest is history, like real history! Scott Brady got on the phone with me as the box was being opened in their office and the staff were completely blown away.

The guys from Expeditions7 at the South Pole sporting Vulture Gear! Photo courtesy Overland Journal

The guys from Expeditions7 at the South Pole sporting Vulture Gear! Photo courtesy Overland Journal

I think the comment was “Holy #$%!, what did you build this for? Mars?”  That being said the team took the gear on the toughest and most grueling challenge yet, the Antarctic!  Their mission was simple as well, drive across the Antarctic Shelf from one side to the other!  If you know anything about the region you know that it’s cold (not as cold as a Chicago winter – LOL) and the gear you need to wear is big and bulky as well.  “No Problem Dude” William told Scott, “just open it up and sling it across your jacket, trust me it will fit!”  Needless to say that the equipment performed awesome and left everyone with a greater sense that if they did go to Mars their equipment would be safe and rigging would be a snap.  Even Prince Henry of Whales thought is was a great looking piece of gear.

So with all that said what does the strap come down to?  Really just a uber cool piece of gear that will last you a life time of use, enjoyment, comfort and fun.