The Vulture “Cholera” fixed blades take flight and debut at the 2014 Shot Show in Las Vegas. This convention is the who's who in the outdoor shooting / tactical / hunting markets with thousands of people walking the floor all having spent several thousand dollars just to get there. We were located in the tactical l.e. room with all the greats like Daniel Defense and AWC suppressors so the room was filled with a real buzz.  Countless people and operators from around the world remarked consistently that the Cholera was the “best knife of the show."  I even picked up 2 major SWAT teams for trials and possible placement on the team as the standard issue blade.

Prototype 3 of the Investment Grade Cholera. (Now since retired)

Prototype 3 of the Investment Grade Cholera. (Now since retired)

The knife is very simple in it's design and the profile lines but getting the right geometry took years of tweaking.  I was designing the profile to work from many years of field work over several different careers.  While more time consuming and sometimes yielding a dud, the design process will always give you a more stable profile for years of service.

The specs are all there on the Cholera product page so check it out and see for yourself.