“Ring Ring, Thank you for calling American Airlines how may we help you?  I need a ticket to join some friends in Arizona for a bit of R&R…” That was the beginning to a great trip with PhaseONE and their PODAS photography adventures with Kevin Raber.  PhaseONE purchased a pre run set of A4 straps for all the attendees on that trip.  Another big assist by Kevin, thanks again!  We had a blast taking pictures of sunrises and sets in the Monument Valley region.  Rocks, desert dunes and canyons rounded out our trip.  There is such a sense of family on PODAS trips it’s hard to explain.  There were jokes upon jokes and pictures upon pictures, it was really nice to get out and put the strap through more tests and be with other photographers again.

We returned to “Ring, Ring, Ring — Thank you for calling Vulture Equipment Works how may we help you?”  Hello this is B&H and we would like talk to you regarding stocking your straps”.  The rest of that story is history.  And Pow another fine gentleman named Joel was kind enough to place their order and away we went with yet another great retailer.