Lets back up a few months to recap.  Bam! Photo Plus Expo in New York started it all.  We had taken a modest booth at the show and did a bit of sponsorship with the event.  Oh man was response overwhelming both in support as well as interest. Most people had never seen this type of gear and were skeptical at the price and look.  After a bit of handling they were taken back… “It looks bulky but WOW it is really light” was the most common comment behind “Say what… $180 for a camera strap?”.  We knew that the price would be hard for some people to understand initially and true it’s not a perfect fit for some people.  But after they played with the machined aluminum quick release and saw that is was a true system they were able to understand.  The next morning after the show I woke to a scary sky and just made it out of New York before Sandy arrived.

By October of 2012, everyone here was excited, we had launched our product during the holiday season with Calumet Photographic.  They placed a very nice order and populated all their retail stores with inventory. Thanks again Calumet for the great start and your support! Especially Scott H. at the Oak Brook location and Ben in corporate for going the extra mile it is really appreciated.