Cholera is a terrible disease that you wish and hope you don’t get as it can be deadly. But most people don’t understand that Vultures control the spread of this nasty ailment in their normal daily life.  Vultures are capable of eating items riddled with the disease without the disease spreading past their stomach.  Most people miss understand our comment about “Vultures can live with cholera in their bellies” but this is what is meant by the comment. For those how live in poor countries or areas with poor sanitation Vultures are a vital part of their ecosystem as they help keep the disease from spreading to man kind.

On another note it is a terrible disease but as it turns out it makes one hell of a knife name.  All the Vulture Equipment Works knives and tools will be getting their names from a term associated with the entomology of the Vulture species.  I thought this was a better way to name our knife and tool offerings rather than just some random goofy name with no real meaning.  Sure it makes people squirm and question our thought process but hey if they can’t get past the name then they are pretty small in their own entomology.

The two knives for the first release are the Talon and the Cholera.  Both of which feature things like heat treated 1095 high carbon alloy steel, full tang construction, linen micarta handles, custom profiles for specific design principles as well as some great kydex sheaths with rotating molle compatible clips.  Hell we even supplied a fire steel that features 2 magnesium fuel rods.  While these are just the tip of the iceberg for us, hopefully you can see the time in details I spent putting them together.