Cholera Mk2 Knife Kit

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Cholera Mk2 Knife Kit

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You shouted, You begged and Will said ok... After a few customers insisted on getting their hands on an unfinished Cholera Will is now releasing a limited amount of Cholera Mk2 Kits. This is the same base knife that won several awards and was reborn into the Mk2. Optimized for our military customers the newly refined blade is already heat treated to 58 Rockwell so all you have to do is some slight fit and finish.

The kit comes complete with a Heat Treated Cholera Mk2 knife blank with a stone wash finish, a pair of red G10 liners, a pair of black linen Micarta handles, 3 mounting pins, 1 set of nickel screws, 1 set of black screws and a length of mil-cord in Vulture red.

All you need to do is sit down and start the final fit and finish process, grind in any changes and put an edge on it! Sheath options for the this knife are only aftermarket and we recommend these builders who have the Cholera Mk2 molds...

GodSpeed Tactical

SageWood Gear


  • 440C Stainless Steel (Crucible Steel, USA)
  • Heat Treated & Certified 57.8 HRC W/ Double Temper
  • Modified Flat Scandi Grind W/O Final Edge (not sharpened)
  • Black Linen Micarta Handles
  • Red G10 Liners
  • Stone Washed Finish
  • NO Laser Logo & Markings
  • NO Sheath
  • Overal Length 10"
  • Blade Length 4.89"
  • Blade Thickness 3/16"

Designed, Prototyped, Manufactured, Assembled & Warehoused In The USA!

Berry Compliant Product

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