Polymer80 Finishing Services

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Polymer80 Finishing Services

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Get Your Polymer80 Finished And Serialized!

Want that awesome Polymer80 Frame but are afraid of the red tape, possible legal issues or just don't trust yourself to finish it?  Let us finish it for you!

Vulture Equipment Works is a licensed manufacturer and can finish your Polymer80 lower at a small charge and send it to your local gun shop for registration.  We do the hard part, mill out the the lower, sand and true any rail issues and put a serial number on the frame so you are legally able to purchase it as a finished lower.  Plus you are able to sell it at a later time with no hassles and you are totally compliant with all ATF rules and regulations thus making this a transferable firearm.


  • Professionally Milled & Trued
  • Test Fit To Factory Slide & Action
  • Function Tested To Factory Parts
  • Serialized Firearm Ready For Transfer
  • Must Be Shipped To Your Local FFL

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Please Observe All Federal, State and Local Laws & Observe Safe Firearms Handling Guide Lines.

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