Brown Bone Bead Lanyard

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Brown Bone Bead Lanyard

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Bone Bead Lanyards

The Bone Bead is a time honored tradition in Africa of both adornment and trade. The history of these beads is deep in tradition, they have been traded for centuries between tribes as items of currency or cerimony. First carried by Will on his personal blade in Africa he now offers the same iconic adornment found on the limited edition Cholera Mk1 knife.

These are handmade in Africa out of natural bone and are sourced personally by Will himself. Each one is a bit different than the next but the general color and design remain the same. Offered in several patterns colors in limited numbers only as they are difficult to source and produce.

Each bead is first selected then hand scrapped by our team before we stabilize them. The interior of the bead is filled with the same urethane that is used to hold critical components together on the Space Shuttle (Will is a bit goofey like that). Then mated with several silver beads and tied with genuine USA 550 cord.

Offered in Red or Black lanyard per style.

Patterns Include: BullsEye (natural & brown) Brown Speckled (natural & brown) Natural Bleached White