Cholera Mk2 Critical Defense


Cholera Mk2 Critical Defense

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Cholera Mk2 - CRITICAL DEFENSE (More Available Soon)

The Vulture Cholera Mk2 Critical Defense is the knife that started the Mk2 program.  Designed by input from Will and Vulture customers the Critical Defense was a spec knife for a contractor.  The knife features all the same base characteristics as the standard Mk2 Cholera but with a few twists.  First the knife is coated in a matte Mil-Spec Oxide finish. Secondly, the knife has the Laser Engraving found on the commercial units omitted, in fact the entire knife is void of any identifying marks...

These knives are in limited in number to only 35 units, so when these are gone they will never be seen again.  Each of the knives have a different look to the oxide finish and is a military finish and DOES NOT look even. During this process the steel reacts with the oxide and creates ''organic ghosting" in the finish which is really cool and each one is different.

Please do not purchase this knife if you don't like the industrial / military look.


  • 440C Stainless Steel (Crucible Steel, USA)
  • Certified 57.8 HRC W/ Double Temper
  • Single Grind w/ Secondary Edge (25 Degrees)
  • Swedge Grind On Tip For Strength
  • Matte Black Mil-Spec Oxide Finish
  • Black Linen Micarta Scales
  • Red G-10 Liners
  • 2 Piece Riveted Ambidextrous Kydex Sheath - Black
  • Free Lifetime Sharpening
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Proudly Made In The USA!

Limited Lifetime Warranty & Free Lifetime Sharpening!

Designed, Prototyped, Manufactured, Assembled & Warehoused In The USA!

Berry Compliant Product

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