Liquid Chimera Cleaner / Degreaser


Liquid Chimera Cleaner / Degreaser

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Liquid Chimera Cleaner / Degreaser

Our fully synthetic cleaner and degreaser will get all sorts of funk off your equipment or firearms.  With NO Carcinogens and a very low toxicity it is a much safer cleaner for the end user and the environment as it is also eco-friendly!

Liquid Chimera is a high performance mil-spec cleaner and degreaser designed to remove a wide range of particulate matter including synthetic lubricants. Having little to no odor, low toxicity and no carcinogens it is a safer solvent for the end user than other firearms & industrial cleaners.  Developed as a high purity cleaner, it leaves very little residual surface residue and is compatible with ferrous and non ferrous alloys.  Liquid Chimera has excellent material compatibility with alloys, most polymers & elastomers and has a low environmental impact. This product is Mil-Spec and contains a corrosion inhibitor for non lubricated parts.

  • Colorless & Odorless
  • No Carcinogens
  • Low Toxicity
  • Rust Inhibiting Carrier Agent
  • Military Spec Product
  • Low Environmental Impact & Eco Friendly

4oz Spray Bottle 

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